We are campaigning for 20mph to be the default speed limit in urban areas and built-up streets in St Albans and its surrounding communities.


Like you, we want streets that are safe for walking, cycling and playing in.


Default 20mph limits reduce accidents and injuries, promote walking and cycling and reduce polution.


40 UK Local Authorities (click here to see list) covering 20m people have 20mph as their default speed limit.  Herts is not one of them.


20s Plenty for Hertfordshire initiated a online petition to Hertfordshire County Council for saner speeds and safer streets which gained 647 'signatures'.


But HCC are ignorig this and are planning to make wide-area 20mph zones more expensive and difficult to implement.


But we believe that the time for 20mph has come, hence this campaign.


So join us in demanding default 20mph for your neighbourhood to encourage walking and cycling and to enable children and the vulnerable to use the streets without fear.


For further information, contact [email protected]


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